India threatens to take Nawaz Sharif's statement to ICJ

His response contradicted the stance taken by his party, the Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz.

On Monday, a petition to register a treason case was filed against Sharif, on the grounds that his comments could potentially hurt the nation's security and its institutions.

Beleaguered former prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday outright dismissed the statement of the National Security Committee (NSC), the country's top civil-military body, on his controversial remarks about the 2008 Mumbai attacks as "regrettable" and "painful". In an interview last week, Sharif had questioned Pakistan's policy to allow the "non-state actors" to cross the border and "kill" people in Mumbai as he publicly acknowledged that militant groups are active in the country.

"The participants observed that it was very unfortunate that the opinion arising out of either misconceptions or grievances was being presented in disregard of concrete facts and realities", said a statement issued by the PM Office.

According to Dawn newspaper, differences within the ruling party surfaced following the issuance of contradictory statements by the Sharif brothers on the issue.

Cricketer-turned-politician, and leading opposition leader Imran Khan, vehemently condemned Sharif's comments, claiming that Sharif was playing to get into Narendra Modi's good books. I am not an ordinary citizen but a three-time prime minister elected by the people of Pakistan.

India said the gunmen were Pakistani and had arrived on the Mumbai waterfront by rubber boat after crossing the Arabian sea from the Pakistani city of Karachi in a trawler.

On Sunday, the Congress party demanded that the Centre should expose Pakistan's terrorist activities in India, to the worldwide community. Explain it to me.

Pakistan's premier even expressed that Nawaz did not say or imply that the Mumbai attackers were sent from Pakistan deliberately.

"We are not being isolated but have already been pushed into a corner", he said.

He went on to say that New Delhi pressurized the PML-N government through the U.S. following which Sharif ordered armed forces to withdraw from Kargil.

Vanessa Coleman