Hulu cuts down monthly cost for new and existing subscribers

The no-commercials plan remains at $11.99 per month and other tiers with Live TV included remain at their normal prices.

With the return of your favorite fall TV shows and discovering new ones to add to your list, you may be looking for a streaming service to help you watch TV when you want to. In addition, Hulu has licensed exclusive rights to series including NBC's "Will & Grace" and "30 Rock"; Fox's "Black-ish"; and ABC's "Fresh Off the Boat." It seems like a great way to get your Hulu on if you aren't subscribed already. The offer-available through January and good for the first year of service-was part of a bid to draft more subscribers while fresh TV shows were premiering and returning to the air. The new pricing goes into effect immediately for new customers and will roll out over the next few months for existing subscribers.

Hulu has cut the price of its cheapest streaming plan for a limited time only.

Hulu's basic package comes with ads, but if you can't stand such interruptions, there's an ad-free option for $12 a month - there's now no special offer attached to this tier.

Unsure about which video streaming service to try?

The service has temporarily lowered its entry-level price for new customers.

Hulu previously charged $7.99 for its cheapest streaming plan which includes commercials.

Hulu has been investing heavily in recent times in a bid to build out its service to take on both Netflix and Amazon.

Last week, Netflix made headlines by announcing its latest price uptick, with standard USA plans increasing by $1, to $9.99 per month, and premium US plans jumping from $11.99 a month to $13.99.

Vanessa Coleman