How to Win Free McDonald's for Life

According to the contest website, the victor will receive the new McGold Card that will entitle him to receive McDonald's free food for life, up to two meals per week for 50 years.

The victor will be awarded a rare McGold Card "in mobile form", entitling them to free McDonald's for the next five decades.

To enter the sweepstake, customers need to use the app to make an order between the 10th and the 24th of August.

McDonald's is about to offer one lucky person a lifetime of free fast food. Customers are restricted to one entry per day.

McDonald's says the victor will receive a phone case which will be engraved with their name. The contest starts Friday and ends August 24.

"The victor of the McGold card will also be awarded with a customized 24-carat golden phone case to mark their membership into the history and mystery of McGold Card lore". "You have a much better chance of winning a state lottery than picking something like this up". Each time they use Mobile Order & Pay to order, they will gain another entry.

McDonald's is hosting a new contest that will reward lucky winners with the McGold Card. Total ARV: $52,350. victor may choose a cash alternative of $1,000 in lieu of $1,000 App credit, added to check.

Despite that criticism, McDonald's appears to be following in the footsteps of similar contests run by both Starbucks and Taco Bell.

For the coffee giant's fourth annual sweepstakes, which ended in January, five USA winners won the grand prize, worth up to $56,575 each, entitling them to a free beverage or food item of their choice once a day for 30 years.

This means only the victor will be entitled to free meals for life. Ten will win free drinks for five years, and Starbucks will award free drinks over shorter time frames along with smaller prizes such as coupons.

Nevertheless, entering the contest takes a minimal amount of effort and it could earn you a whole lot of McDonald's.

In late July, McDonald's unveiled MacCoin, a limited edition global currency, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic Big Mac burger.

Vanessa Coleman