A unique title for a story is very essential especially if the writer is targeting a larger audience. When one browses through the internet he or she can come across a website with topics that are either eye catching or stimulating for the reader. This goes to show that there are those who have perfected this art of rightfully <a href="">choosing a topic</a> for their stories, and yet there are those who struggle doing so. This article is going to provide guidance through which a person will be able to choose the right name for their story. 

There are some baseline rules that are involved when selecting a topic these include making the title easy to remember. It is recommended that the writer should keep things clear and simple. Also, the writer should choose a topic that is captivating as people are drawn to more unusual titles. Lastly, the topic should be appropriate for the story. If caution is not taken by the writer, he or she may come up with a topic that is misleading to the public.

There are many sources one can choose from when it comes to selecting a topic for their writing pieces. A title can be a popular expression such “The Usual Suspects,” it can have a hidden meaning for example “Rain Man,” it can be a person’s name for example “Carrie,” “Rebecca.”  It can also be a place name such as “Jurassic Park”, it can also be possessive for example “The Optimist's Daughter.” Finally, it can be an event or activity such as “Waiting to Exhale.” 

The author should know that titles are not copyrightable and by using the same title as another person’s they do not run into the risk of having legal problems. However, this is not recommended since it can be confusing to the reader who might think that the topic is someone else’s. There are online tools such as the <a href=""></a> that can be very helpful in selecting a topic as it provides an array of topic depending on the main idea of the story. It is also recommended that as much as there might be many topics to choose from one should stick to just one since providing alternative topics makes one appear less confident and indecisive.  

Vanessa Coleman