How to activate and use the gesture navigation

The second Developer Preview of Wear OS based on Android P comes with support for Actions on Google. Now, Google, which didn't have the same UI problem to fix, confirmed that Android P will have a new navigation system that'll look a lot like the iPhone X's gestures.

Digital Wellbeing - your phone will let you know how many times you've been distracted by a notification, how many times you've unlocked it, and how many hours in total you've spent staring at its screen. Android P Beta will allow users registered with their Beta program to test out the latest version of Android in a form that could finally make it to the market later this year. That means, instead of the usual age-old back, home and recent apps buttons, you just have the the single virtual pill-shaped home button. This time, seven Android smartphone vendors will participate in the Android P development, testing beta builds, and OnePlus is one of them. That's been a pretty major focus for Google since Android Auto debuted a few years ago. It must be noted that being a developer preview, one can expect it to be plagued by several bugs.

It gives you an overview of the amount of time you spent on your phone with proper breakdown. As of Android P, the encryption will come with a client-side secret. Now we're learning a little more about how some of that upcoming functionality promises to make setting up a new Android TV system a much more pleasant experience.

Other than that, Google will add Morse code to G Board, is working on Assistant making actual phone calls (Google Duplex), revamp Google News, work on Android Things devices like Smart displays and improve predictive replies in Gmail.

The tech giant has partnered with hardware manufacturers to help devices with older silicon get access to updates. You will be easily able to adjust the volume by simply sliding up and down. You'll see how long you've used your phone in a day and which apps you've used most. To select the app you want you can swipe through the cards, but, you can also drag the little pill-shaped button left and right to quickly go full-screen and select a particular app.

Vanessa Coleman