Horror bungee disaster that killed teen caused by 'poor English'

According to The Telegraph, the instructor told Mol "no jump" but she mistakenly thought he said "now jump".

Dutch teenager Vera Mol plunged to her death in Cantabria previous year when she leaped from a viaduct before her rope was attached.

A 17-year-old Spanish girl fell to her death after she bungee jumped off a bridge without being tied to anything.

The incident partly occurred due to the bungee-jumping instructor's poor English, media reported.

The instructor, who has not been named, this week appeared in a Cantabria court accused over the girl's untimely death.

The bungee jumping company initially said Mol caused her own death because she leapt off the bridge before she was told to.

Judges ruled the instructor's English was "macarronico" - or "awful" - and that the tragedy could have been avoided had he used the correct phrase "don't jump" instead.

Flowtrack's director will now be prosecuted for homicide through negligence, despite appealing a court ruling past year where it was argued Vera jumped before she was told to.

The "misunderstanding derived from the incorrect use and pronunciation of English", the ruling said.

The judge stated that there was nowhere for the group of teens to stand but on the edge of the bridge and jumping from a viaduct is "expressly prohibited" in Spain.

The judges on the case added that the instructor should also have checked the teenager's ID that she was over the age of 18.

She was wearing the bungee harness but the cord was not yet secured when she jumped off the bridge over a gorge in Cabezon de la Sal in Cantabria.

View from the freeway viaduct where the bungee jumping took place.

Vanessa Coleman