Horrifying bodycam footage shows moment cop is shot at point-blank range

Before Estill Police Officer Quincy Smith answered a service call for a possible armed robbery, he flipped on the body-camera goggles he purchased for himself over the Internet. Chilling video shows the New Year's Day 2016 encounter in close detail.

Officials in South Carolina this week released dramatic glasses cam video from a January 1, 2016 shooting of an Estill, South Carolina police officer.

Orr keeps walking. "Come here!" Orr got the maximum sentence for both charges, 30 years for attempted murder and five years for the weapons charge, according to the 14th Circuit Solicitor's Office.

The video shows Police Officer Quincy Smith walking toward Orr and repeatedly telling him to stop and move his hands from his pockets.

"I didn't draw my firearm because at the time I didn't think it was warranted", he said.

Orr was eventually caught and Officer Smith received medical attention.

"If you don't stop, I'm gonna Tase you!"

WJCL reported that Smith's neck and arm injuries have almost fully healed, and his physical therapy is nearly complete.

Orr looks back, and in one crackling motion, flashes a 9 millimeter pistol and fires multiple shots, one on top of the other, sending Smith tumbling to the ground.

At least two of the eight rounds were fired while Smith was lying on the ground and another two were fired as Smith ran for cover. Smith told him to take his hand out or he would "be tasered".

Smith is heard panting and yelling as he ran back to his squad auto to report that he was shot, with his bloody hands appearing in the video frame. A passer-by then comes to stay with him until the emergency services arrive, before Smith adds: "I am hit".

At about 11 a.m., Smith responded to a suspicious persons call at the Charles Party Shop along USA 321. You hear him say to the emergency dispatcher, " Tell my family I love them".

The bullets broke two bones in Smith's arm, severed a vein in his neck, and passed through his upper torso.

"I had nightmares sometimes, stuff like that, about the incident", Smith said.

Vanessa Coleman