History of hip hop: Where and when did it begin?

"That said, hip-hop is a visual movement, (and) graffiti will remain a necessary element of creative expression within the culture".

Google has made some brilliant high-concept interactive doodles over the years honoring everything and everyone from Pac-Man to Robert Moog to Freddie Mercury, but today's doodle very well might be Google's best yet.

For Google's commemorative Doodle they have teamed up with famous graffiti artist Cey Adams for their original logo for today's anniversary.

Now, we imagine that many of you grew up with hip-hop already being a thing, and might not realize that today, August 11, 1973 is considered the official birthdate of hip-hop, making the genre 44 years old.

The Doodle is a total nostalgia trip, with a record crate section in which you can sift through all of your favorite samples, and discover the backbones to some of your favorite classic tracks. By clicking on it, you are treated to a cool narrative by the legendary Fab 5 Freddy.

Yes Google can help you Faux Jockey, but it can't help you figure out why two songs just don't sound right mixed into each other, even when they're perfectly beat matched.

Hip hop culture has spread from urban areas to suburban ares in the United States and across the world.

To celebrate this historic day, the minds at Google created a special interactive doodle with YouTube's Global Head of Music and former head of Def Jam Records Lyor Cohen. "Everybody got together and got down to the hip-hop music that was being played by all the great pioneers at that time".

Google's Doodles started out as simple, contextual redesigns of the search engine's logo - in 2001, for example, Google celebrated the birth of painter Claude Monet with an impressionist version of its logo.

The birth of Hip Hop can be traced back to one date, Google argues. The messages of resilience unified a community of people and were the backdrop of hip hop's beginnings.

Vanessa Coleman