Historic Rainham Hall's annual egg hunt a success

The Hughestown Lions Club held its annual Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, April 15.

Children in the age 7 and up age group scramble to scoop up eggs on one of the ball diamonds at Churubusco's town park.

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This past weekend's Easter Egg hunts, that brought joy and excitement to many hundreds, and perhaps thousands of children, are a fine example of an impulse to serve others. Those who found eggs containing a number lined up to claim prizes.

The annual Easter egg hunt took place Sunday afternoon, offering a variety of attractions for local families.

While overcast conditions led to a change of plans for Waseca's Easter egg hunt, the sun shone brightly on colorful eggs strewn across Clear Lake Park.

"We are very thankful to the community for coming in to support us and partake in the Easter egg hunt". Events Geelong recently apologized on a Facebook comment but the controversial Easter egg hunt continues to make news as parents are still upset.

This year, there was even a critter barn filled with bunnies!

After last minute instructions and a 20-second countdown by Pennings, the children were off and hunting, not only for the ordinary goodies, but also for special "golden eggs".

Vanessa Coleman