Hina Khan Lies About Being On Her 'Periods' To Avoid Tasks!

Her mocking of Hina and troubling Vikas was never pointed out by the host - something that rankled all the other contestants as well as viewers.

Overconfident: After the Vashi mall live voting, Shilpa Shinde has become sure of her win. After coming so far, the gharwale recollected their Bigg Boss memories and cherished them.

The voting trends are surprising as Vikas Gupta is lagging behind Hina Khan, while many had considered him the victor. Hina begs Shilpa not to break her mug but Shilpa doesn't listen to her.

Were you missing Shilpa Shinde in her bhabhiji avatar? And today as we approach the finale of Bigg Boss 11, we would say we are not a bit disappointed with these two.

Puneesh's photo comes out next. Vikas Gupta is unstoppable in the task of playing dictator in the house. After a lot of suspense, Bigg Boss announces that Akash has been evicted, making Puneesh one of the top four finalists. All cheer with 'Bang Bang' as Akash leaves the house. At night, Bigg Boss calls all the contestants to the garden area as he is going to announce an eviction now. None of the housemates pressed the buzzer so Vikas asked Hina to clean his bed and arrange his clothes while Puneesh Sharma was asked to shave off his head by dictator Vikas, who waxed Puneesh's chest in the last task. She was considered the "villain' of the house only to emerge as the "maa' later". We wish her all the best. There are people who are closely monitoring the hourly progress of the votes. And if he goes on to win the show, it would be only because of how he has played the game.

Also, when asked whether she would like to participate in the reality show, she said, "I would be a disaster; I will be shot dead by the makers as I won't give them any controversial content".

Vanessa Coleman