Hijack scare on board Jet Airways flight

The incident happened today when the Cochin International Airport authorities reportedly detained a man after he threatened to hijack.

Kochi: A music channel anchor on Monday set off a hijack and bomb scare on board a Mumbai-bound Jet Airways flight that was carrying 170 passengers and crew. Last month, a millionaire business was booked for planting a note threatening a bomb and a hijack in the plane's toilet.

He made the claim while boarding the plane.

The ground staff of Jet Airways overheard Varghese recording a video, saying that he had a "happy bomb", The Times of India reported.

The authorities offloaded Varghese and other passengers to conduct a security check of the aircraft.

Varghese along with a person accompanying him was handed over to the police.

During preliminary questioning, Varghese told officials he was expressing his happiness to his friend in Mumbai on Facebook chat, the official said. Heading to the Kochi airport and then flying off to Mumbai.

Later, all the passengers who boarded the flight were deplaned and screened as part of ensuring the safety of the passengers and the flight took off by 1.45 pm after completing all the security formalities.

According to the Newspaper, The incident delayed the flight for nearly two hours.

Vanessa Coleman