Happened: Officially announced STALKER 2

S. T. A. L. K. E. R.is a series of games based on the story "roadside picnic" of science fiction Strugatsky brothers.

The developer says that the previous games in the Stalker series have amassed sales of nearly five million copies worldwide to date.

It feels like forever since the original STALKER was released by developer GSC Game World, but now the developer has finally announced STALKER 2, without much fan fare which is very, very odd. The first title to be released in this franchise was STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, and the second is a prequel title called Clear Sky. That said, as you might remember STALKER 2 had already been announced in 2010 but got canceled in April 2012; hopefully, we won't get a repeat this time around. In 2013 GSC Game World closed down, as studio head Sergiy Grygorovych wished to cease trading due to "personal reasons" which weren't specified. He simply cited "personal reasons" to his staff.

The announcement was integrated into the studio review and there it included a link that leads to what will be, at some point, the official site of Stalker 2. A year later, however, the developers announced that they had to suspend the development.

According to a tweet from Sergey Galyonkin from GSC, we will have more info on STALKER 2 soon.

All of the games previously released in the Stalker series have been exclusive to PC. For further information, you might want to watch GSC Game World's website.

While this mysterious sequel doesn't have a precise release date, it's good to know that it's on the way.

Vanessa Coleman