Halloween Warning: Head Lice May Be Waiting In Store Costumes

Scratching your head trying to find the flawless Halloween costume?

Doctors usually see a jump in head lice this time of year.

WTOL News 11 is here to confirm what you, in your heart of hearts, already knew: That all those gummy masks and tangled wigs retailing for $150 at Halloween megastores stand a pretty good chance of being infected with lice. Although many people associate it with the start of the school year, the real cause may be even scarier: Halloween costumes. But think about how many people tried them on before you?

And although lice are just a nuisance and not diseased, why give yourself extra trouble when you can easily avoid it all.

Once a costume is purchased, place it in a sealed bag for 48 hours. If it's dryer-friendly, throw it in on high for 45-minutes before wearing.

Although head lice are annoying, they don't actually make people sick. Experts also suggest wearing a swim cap or wig cap, when trying masks and other items on.

Pediatrician Wendy Swanson said to HuffPost that the best way to treat lice is over-the-counter shampoos and extracting the lice with a very fine comb.

A warning for anyone trying on a Halloween mask or wig at a store.

In extreme cases, some prescription treatments may be needed to eradicate the lice from your child.

Vanessa Coleman