Griffin fears career is over after controversy over Trump video

Comedian Kathy Griffin, who posed with a fake bloodied and severed head depicting U.S. President Donald Trump, will hold a news conference in Los Angeles on Friday to discuss her reasons for participating in the photo shoot.

On Wednesday, Griffin was sacked from her gig on CNN's New Year's Eve program, which she had co-hosted alongside Anderson Cooper since 2007.

Bloom is the daughter of high-profile feminist lawyer Gloria Allred.

"He's a bully", said Griffin, who said she feels "horrible" about the image, and reiterated her earlier apology.

Griffin also accused the first family of "trying to ruin my life forever", and claimed that she's been getting death threats and is under investigation by the Secret Service.

"I'm not afraid of Donald Trump".

Griffin apologized within hours but has been fired from her most high-profile job as co-host of CNN's New Year's Eve celebration.

Griffin said her termination "hurt". "I'm going to keep making jokes about this guy". "I understand why Minnesotans were upset by this, and I take that very seriously".

Bloom called it a "beatdown" on Griffin.

"I believe what Kathy Griffin did was inappropriate and not something that should be anywhere in our national discourse". "What's happening to me has never happened ever in the history of this country", Griffin said. This comes on the heels of the State Theatre in New Brunswick canceling her November 3 show, announced Thursday.

Outside the first family, Griffin's stunt garnered near universal condemnation from the right and left, spurring the company Squatty Potty to pull its advertising and leading Sen. She also promised that she will not stop poking fun at the president.

Even the state's governor weighed in calling Griffin's photos "disgusting" and "completely outrageous". And after the Trump stunt this week and her news conference announcement about being bullied by the Trumps, the comparisons have continued. "But I just wanted to say, 'If you don't stand up, you get run over'".

"I'm not laying down for this guy", she said in one defiant moment.

Griffin and her attorney are leaning heavily on the idea that Trump (and Melania) are responsible for her bad situation.

In response, Palin told Fox News that Griffin's targeting of her underage children was taking it "a little bit too far". The Community Arts Theater in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, posted on its website that the show had been dropped "due to the recent controversy surrounding Kathy Griffin and the concern for the safety and security of our patrons and staff".

The 56-year-old comic has faced controversies before for her abrasive humor, but none as widespread as the one generated by Tuesday's images.

Vanessa Coleman