GOP lawmaker: I Will Be Carrying a Gun Now

The shooter was identified as James T. Hodgkinson, a 66-year-old home inspector from IL who had several minor run-ins with the law in recent years and belonged to a Facebook group called "Terminate the Republican Party".

In an effort to draw fire away from the members, Loudermilk said, Bailey shifted his position and was struck by shrapnel - but kept returning fire.

Then came an explosion of gunfire, and there, behind a chain-link fence near third base, was a man with a rifle. About three minutes before the shooting, Paul had been batting at home plate. My inclination is I'm going to see what those guys are doing, because that would tell me they heard this gunshot too. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., screamed at one of them.

"I'm running, and I mean, dirt is flying up from the bullets hitting the ground", he added. "He was targeting members". "He had a rifle".

"So, we all started running out to the first base side", as Loudermilk said it was obvious what the gunman was after.

Not knowing exactly where the shooter was amid the gunfire, Loudermilk dove behind a wooden storage building just outside the fence.

Massie told the Times that Norton "may seek to prevent her constituents from exercising their right to self-defense, but she lacks constitutional authority to deny that right to all those who visit the nation's capital". "She still wanted to fight, but she couldn't move", Loudermilk said. In suits and with guns drawn, they returned fire.

Loudermilk, however, referenced gun laws in Washington that are comparatively stricter. He had been shot in the chest.

The shooting put a damper on Thursday's baseball game, one of Capitol Hill's favorite bipartisan traditions for more than a century. He had a clear shot at him.

"As soon as he went down, as soon as I saw him fall, I ran over to (Matt) Mika who was wounded. He'd lost a lot of blood", he said.

"I feel very safe and secure at the Capitol", Chaffetz said Wednesday. For a moment, the field went quiet as they wondered what the noise was.

"When he got shot, he was down, stayed for the entire firefight".

Chaffetz wants US marshals to be charged with assessing threats against members of Congress and securing them in more high-profile and widely attended events. "Fortunately, most every member was able to take cover, and he didn't shoot (Scalise further)", he said.

If Scalise not been there, Loudermilk said many other congressmen could have suffered injuries.

In the immediate aftermath, members of Congress are weighing in on what actions they'll take in the wake of this latest mass shooting-the one targeting members of Congress, that is, not the near-simultaneous San Francisco one that nobody has mentioned or given any thought to. Loudermilk added. "I think we need to look at some kind of reciprocity for members here".

Collins also said he would be requesting an armed police officer at all events, including small ones. I had a staff member who was in his vehicle maybe 20 yards behind the shooter who was penned in his auto, who back in Georgia carries a 9 mm in his auto. If he was in Georgia, he would have a 9mm with him. "Even though it's legal in Virginia, my apartment here is in Washington", he said.

What's not needed, the lawmaker said, are more gun control laws. Five people, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, were wounded, but Loudermilk said on social media that he was uninjured.

"If Scalise hadn't been on our team, it would have been really bad", he told reporters, according to the Washington Examiner.

"We aren't any more special than anybody else, but we're targets", Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) said. "I hope that all Americans will join me in condemning this senseless act of violence against innocent lives".

U.S. Capitol Police announced it was investigating the shooting and beefed up security around the Capitol complex as a precaution. "This is true heroism", Perdue said in a statement from his office.

U.S. Rep. David Scott, D-Atlanta, said via a release late Wednesday morning that he had been "terribly saddened" to hear of the shooting. "Please pray for those who were shot and their families".

"Everybody probably would have died, except for the fact that the Capitol Hill police were there", he said on MSNBC.

Vanessa Coleman