Google's next Android overhaul is said to embrace iPhone 'notch'

It is designed specifically for the Android Go phone users and will be available for download from Google Play Store.

"What's unlikely to change much is Android's nagging problem: Most of the billion-plus Android devices globally run outdated versions of the operating system, exposing security holes and holding back Google's newest mobile innovations". Android devices dominate in the low and mid-range side of the market while Apple owns the high end thanks to its pricey iPhone 8 and iPhone X. The iPhone X has a starting price of $999.

Setting up the stage for Android Oreo (Go Edition), Google has now released the Gmail Go app. The design will mean more new Android phones with cut-outs at the top of their screens to fit cameras and other sensors. These Go applications are stripped down to work efficiently on phones with low memory and storage space, similar is the case with Gmail Go.

Google has made another lite app available from its bandwagon of its Go Apps. The company will offer a "smarter" inbox, which will focus on messages from friends and family first, while social and promotional emails will be stacked separately. Interestingly, via Gmail Go you can both read and respond both online & offline and also find messages quickly with a powerful search engine. Google has launched a lighter version of the Gmail application called the Gmail Go.

The app includes features from the regular version like 15 GB of free cloud storage and the priority/promo inbox sorting, but other non-essential features/objects may be missing so that the app can use less ROM and RAM. It also comes with multiple account support like, Yahoo Mial and IMAP/POP mail.

Vanessa Coleman