Google Maps: Cheating wife exposed in SHOCK pics

In addition to picturing people leaving strip clubs and consorting with prostitutes, it seems the system has now led to a divorce after it caught a woman being intimate with a man who wasn't her husband.

According to MailOnline, the man had been researching the best way to get to a bridge in Lima, the capital of Peru.

And then, looking closer still, he discovered that the woman sitting on a bench was indeed his wife - clearly enjoying the company of another man.

According to Metro, the guy first recognised the woman's clothing, realising it was identical to what his wife had worn on numerous occasions. It would have been enough if she said to her husband that she did not love him any more'.

The unnamed couple divorced after he confronted her about her adultery.

The woman and her lover were photographed by a Google Street View auto camera on a bench near the Bridge of Sighs of the Ravine in 2013.

Man Divorces Wife After Spotting Her With Another Man on Google Street View

The Google Street View vehicles, including cars, bikes and snowmobiles, has captured locations all over the world with 360-degree cameras.

La Cronica reports that the man shared his story and images of the incident on Facebook.

While cynic "Guillermo Sanchez" added: "Out of 100 women, 90 per cent are not loyal, the rest are loyal and only have one eye (hahaha) or are immortal (hahaha)".

Google street view has a lot of positives, as it helps a lot of us finds places we need to go.

They include people dressed as pigeons, an escaped convict, a couple having sex by their auto and a woman giving birth.

Vanessa Coleman