Google Home's assistant can now recognize different voices

After this it's just a matter of teaching your Google Home to recognize your voice.

Earlier this month, a report suggested, that Google Home would soon support multiple users.

Google Home, the voice-activated smart speaker powered by Google Assistant, is about to get smarter. To know if the feature is available to you, launch the Google Home app and look for a card that says "Multi-user is available".

Google Home now boasts multi-account support, enabling it to tailor responses for up to six people through individual voice recognition.

Getting started is quite easy; first step is to make sure you have the latest version of the Google Home app.

Users are required to say the phrases "Okay, Google" and "Hey, Google" twice each when connecting their Google account (usually the same as their Gmail account) to the Home mobile app.

After connecting their accounts, each user will have to go through the usual hotword training, reciting "OK Google" to the device three times. By analyzing each phrase by a neural network, Google can pick out the defining characteristics of each user's voice. Therefore, with today's update the Google Home can belong to six people. Google Assistant will then rattle off the local weather, upcoming appointments and connect you to preferred news sources. Lowe's Iris is the most exciting device on the list, however, because having full access to it means that Google Home can control anything that it can control. So now, when you ask your morning commute, you'll get the info about your route and not your spouse's. To switch accounts, you say to the Echo, "Alexa, switch accounts" or "Alexa, switch to Taylor's profile". Each person can download the Google Home app and complete the set up process from their own device.

Google Home: Where is multiuser support available? It also includes features such as nickname, work location, payment information, and linked accounts like Google Play, Spotify or Netflix. But Google says in its blog post that it will reach United Kingdom in coming months.

Vanessa Coleman