Google Home Users Can Now Make Free Calls Using Google Assistant

Google just made Google Home a more compelling rival to Echo. Voice calls is something that was already known to be a feature that was coming, but there was never really a clear distinction of when exactly that would be.

Since Google Home supports multiple users by voice, Google Home calling does as well. First announced at I/O in May, Google is ready to launch hands-free calling via its voice-activated Home speaker, letting you get in touch with anyone in the US or Canada without lifting a finger-and for free. The Home also won't support 911 calls and global calls will only be available through the Home for Google Voice or Project Fi subscribers at Google's listed call rates. However, we didn't hear anything about a release date for the feature and many of us have been waiting for it to roll out. You can dial anyone in your contacts and local businesses for free - as long as they're in the U.S. or UK.

In order to add the feature to their Google Home, open the Google Home app and look for a notification card that says "multi-user is available". Remember, it is important to have the contact saved in your Google contact or on Google's cloud. This service is completely hands free and makes use of the Assistant. For full information, go to Google's official blog.

Google Home will place your call over the Wi-Fi connection.

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Additionally, since Google Home is able to recognize the voice of different users, it can call contacts specific to that user's Google contacts.

Calls to other countries can also be made with Google Home but require the use of Google Voice or Project Fi, and they incur charges based on respective rates for worldwide calls on each of the services.

That way the people you're calling can see your number. Instead, it'll show as "unknown" or "no caller ID" - and who in their right mind ever answers those calls? If you're not a Google Voice or Project Fi user, the recipient won't see your contact. Amazon and Alexa remain a dominant player in the space thanks to the assistant's versatility - its skills cover fields ranging from games to home appliance control now - and the low cost of its Echo speakers. However, Google warns that 911 emergency calls are not supported on Google Home. But at the show, Google also promised the ability to create reminders, a "proactive notifications" system, generic Bluetooth speaker abilities, and TV weather integration.

Additionally, to sync contacts everywhere, make sure you head into the Google app on your phone and follow through Settings Accounts and Privacy Google activity controls Device information.

Vanessa Coleman