Google Home arrives in Canada

Now, Google Home hits the Canadian market, also adding support for the French language.

Google HomeThrough the Multi user support Google home can differentiate between different voices once you trained it.

You'll need to train Google with each user's voice saying "OK Google" and "Hey Google" as this will trigger what account is used, thanks to processing your voice in the cloud via its neural networks. Here you should find the notification that also says multi-user is now available.

Multi-user detection allows several users to share a Google Home and get personalized Assistant results. This is a big benefit to users in the United Kingdom who have multiple people in the household wanting to use the Google Home smart speaker, especially when it comes to a data privacy standpoint as none of the queries or requests initiated by one user will show up in the account details of another user, so long as the multi-user account configurations are set up.

From there, each person can trigger Google Home with the "OK Google" wake phrase, and get access to their own playlists, appointments, commutes and other information.

The feature is actually pretty easy to set up. From there, you'll teach your Assistant to understand it's you, not your partner, family member or roommate - and vice versa - based on who's speaking.

There's a party at mine and five of you are invited.

Located near Best Buy's existing smart home department, the Amazon and Google experiences will feature such products as Amazon's new Echo Show and Google's new Home.

If a user connects their account to Google Home but doesn't set up any individual account preferences and is simply joining as a guest, Google Home will use the default music and streaming services.

You can keep track of who's connected to your device in the Manage Accounts portion of the settings.

Vanessa Coleman