Google Home and Wifi coming to Australia

The Australian version of Google Home has been created to understand Australian accents, and will speak back to householders using an Australian accent, too. With a simple "OK Google", you can get answers, turn up the music, manage your everyday tasks or even turn on or adjust your compatible smart lights.

Much like how Android phones (or iPhones with the Google app) can be spoken to and asked questions, Google's Home is basically an appliance edition of the same concept, providing a way of asking questions and running commands without needing your phone nearby. You can also communicate with each speaker independently, so it's not just one central processing brain - if you say "OK Google", only the Google Home to your voice will respond and process your commands.

"Ask it for brekkie ideas or where the nearest servo is".

SKY NEWS podcasts and news bulletins will be available on the device, as well as audio content from other local media partners including The Australian, Fox Sports and ABC News. Google Engineers have a sense of humor and have given Assistant an Aussie voice, and personality that extends to it understanding Aussie slang.

Smart home devices such as the Philips Hue lighting system and Linksys's Wemo system are also supported, so householders will be able to turn lights and power points on and off with just their voice. "You can also ask it what sound a Kookaburra makes, and it'll cue the laughter we all know and love", the company wrote on a blog post.

Suveer Kothari, Google's Vice President of Hardware, said: 'A really useful assistant takes context into account, like using your location to give you accurate weather readings.

It also supports Google's ad-supported, free music service, YouTube Music, as well as subscription music services such as Spotify and Google Play Music. More features will be added in the future via software updates over the internet. Some Wi-Fi routers haven't always been built to support the increasing number of devices we use or high bandwidth activities like gaming or watching videos.

"The real key to making the (smart home) industry in Australia more approachable and there by more desirable is voice control". "The result is fast Wi-Fi everywhere in your house, not just right next to the router". One pack retails for $199 while a three-pack will set you back $499.

Google Home can be found online on Google's store as well as at JB HiFi, Harvey Norman, Officeworks, The Good Guys, as well as both Optus and Telstra stores from July 20 for $199.

Vanessa Coleman