Google Clatters Apple by Using its Firearm and Rolling out Lavishing Smartphones

This is because Google has not revealed exactly how many units of the previous Pixel devices it had revealed last time around, although estimates range at around 2 million devices sold.

Pixel 2 is boasting its AI capabilities.

Either way, Google's approach is smart for several reasons. With the two phones, there's no doubt that Google is after the two leaders in the industry - Samsung and Apple. The images make use of Google Photos' "original quality" uploading; something that the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will have access to until 2020. Initially, I was quite disappointed to hear that the new flagship Google phone would be following in the footsteps of the iPhone- without a headphone jack.

The OLED displays can always be on, showing time and date and notifications while the new Pixel homescreen has been improved with the wide Google search bar moved to the bottom where it's easier to reach.

The standard Pixel 2 gets a similar design to previous year with large bezels at the top and bottom of the phone. The speaker honed in on your sound-emitting phone as you walked around the room with it, building a sort of audio map of its environment. It's really disappointing Google has stuck with a single-lens system in the rear.

Here's that Google Event last October 4.

In order to satisfy the high-end smartphone market, you need more than just a phone with high-end hardware specs.

These pictures feature a number of different compositions including landscapes, low-light shots, moving subjects, and the Pixel 2's new portrait shooting mode.

The key takeaway from this product release is that while Google is upping its game in the hardware department, every product it unveiled has the AI-based Google Assistant at its core. Danny Vena owns shares of Alphabet (A shares), Amazon, and Apple. Or were you left unimpressed by Googles new darlings?

The assistant works in a similar fashion to Google Home, allowing you to ask for songs and artists but also ask questions while you listen to music. Part of our SEO strategy for many clients is gaining and maintaining answer box results, thus gaining a prominent listing on web results and also the chance to have your brand name read out on devices such as the Google Home Mini. With the Pixel Buds, Google has made a breakthrough in consumer AI technology.

Vanessa Coleman