Google Assistant adds iPad support, joins Alexa and Cortana as Siri rivals

You've always been able to run the iPhone version on iPad, of course, but that's never a great experience.

Google Assistant has been out for some time now on Android and was welcomed to the iPhone a year ago. Explicit Android tablet support was also added, which brings parity to today's announcement that the Google Assistant is now supported on the iPad, too.

At the moment, tapping the blue icon at the top-right corner of the Assistant panel opens the Explore page where users can find trending Actions and look through the directory of Assistant apps. That's why it's critical for apps like Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa app to support all platforms, and not just their own hardware - like Android devices or Fire tablets. Note, these are examples you can use if you're at home.

As with all other non-Siri AI, Apple limits Google Assistant's functionality to its app, but that may not be as big of a problem with multitasking.

The new app also will take advantage of multitasking on iPad with iOS 11, allowing you to chat with the assistant while performing another task in the other window, like checking your calendar or planning a trip, Google says. You can either type or speak requests to the Assistant, depending on your preferences.

iPad support should be rolling out today, with language compatibility for English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.

Vanessa Coleman