Google announces ‘Foldables’ device category in Android

However, if you unfold the smartphone, you're exposed to a large, tablet-sized display that gives you an incredible amount of screen real estate. "We rethought the anatomy of a smartphone display".

You have to see it to believe it - and unfortunately we only got a tease. The bending effect means the device will have to change the screen's aspect ratio when moving from phone to tablet mode.

In a brief demo at SDC, Samsung demonstrated the new flexible display tech that will enable the foldable phone. If 2018 was the year most device makers put AI chips inside of their flagships, 2019 will be the year everyone tries to figure out how to lure consumers into trying out a folding phone.

It will require developers to tweak apps to make sure they run smoothly when the phone folds out into tablet form.

However, although the phone itself was rumoured to be called the Galaxy X, Samsung did not officially reveal its name.

High price tags are expected to prevent foldable phones from immediately becoming big hits, and some analysts even doubt there is huge appetite for such a product. When closed a separate smaller display on the handset's other side comes into use.

This is what allows the whole screen to fold inwards, clamshell-style.

When users open the phone, their apps move seamlessly from the outside of the device to the interior screen. Several phone companies are now working on phones that can fold up to fit in a pocket as the next step. We'll have to see how it wears in real-world use. Samsung showed off their first smartphone with a fully-foldable OLED panel. "Is there nothing more from a smartphone?"' said Bill Liu, CEO of Royole Corp. Samsung's smartphone sales are declining as it faces serious competition from Huawei and other Chinese brands.

Android is going to support foldable phones.

Denison said production of the Infinity Display will begin in the next few months.

Samsung's 5G capability is said to be powered by its new proprietary 7nm Exynos 9820 AI chip, revealed to be codenamed Cheetah by leaker Ice Universe. "It's a blank canvas for us to create something together", said Justin Denison, a senior vice president for Samsung Electronics America.

Vanessa Coleman