Google and Telenor launch RCS messaging in some European and Asian countries

All customers need to do is download the latest version of Messenger for Android from Google Play. Google in its official blog said that all these features will be a part of the standard on the Android operating system. Google has been working on an upgraded SMS service for consumers.

Over the past year, Google has worked with the mobile industry on an initiative to upgrade SMS for people everywhere.

Although it's also been up to individual carriers to get on board and enable the tech for their networks, which underlines the scale of the fragmentation challenge for Google/Alphabet here, given how carriers do tend to prioritize their own competing commercial interests, rather than falling in step with Google's. By using the Google Messenger app on their devices, these users will have group chats, read receipts, high-res images, read receipts, and more, all through texting. According to Google, subscribers will have their SMS feature updated through the Messenger app for Android phones which is developed by the company itself.

In 2015 Google clearly got exhausted of waiting around on the sidelines for carriers to get a collective messaging act together - acquiring a specialist in the standard, Jibe Mobile, to, in its words, "help bring RCS to a global audience". The three carriers listed in this article. RCS is part of the new Advanced Messaging standard of GSMA created to enhance messaging functionality that comes installed on phones by default.

Telenor subscribers in markets where RCS is launched will automatically get access to the new platform via a software update. "We've launched RCS messaging using the universal profile with carriers in the USA and Canada, and plan on launching RCS in more countries in the coming months". Telenor customers in countries where RCS is launched will be able to take advantage of the new functionality through the Google Messenger app, even if it doesn't come pre-installed on their phones. Worse, most of the RCS standards that have been adopted, including the variant adopted by T-Mobile in the U.S, are incompatible with more modern implementations.

Vanessa Coleman