Google: AI calling voice will identify itself to humans

However, details about the disclosure have not yet been shared, as Google simply says it is designing Duplex with disclosure built in but the consequences of this technology falling into the wrong hands are tremendous.

The brand new Google Assistant feature that lets you make appointments and reservations via voice calls without actually making the call yourself, Google Duplex, was met with mixed reactions.

One of them is the much-talked about Google Assistant, which will now be powered by updated AI technology called Google Duplex, that will help the platform better understand human speech patterns, as well as replicate human conversations in real-world applications as seamlessly as possible.

Google surprised us all this week with the introduction of its new artificial intelligence system, Google Duplex. "That which we revealed at I/O was an ancient technology presentation, and we anticipate integrating feedback as we grow this into a product".

Irish lawmaker James Lawless, technology spokesman for the opposition Fianna Fail party, welcomed the moves by Google and Facebook, but said "they are rushed and they are coming at the 11th hour", with just two weeks until voting day.

At the Google I/O Conference, the Google chief Sunder Pichai introduces this software and told the audience that it can make appointments for them.

Google Duplex collects human voice signatures that continue to train the robot and even its own voice seems to be a synthesis of one or more human voices.

Google has assured that all who will call bot, be warned that they talking voice assistant. The first was to make an appointment with a hair dresser, a call that was straightforward and went smoothly. It uses DeepMind's new WaveNet audio-generation technique and other advances in natural language processing to make it sound more humanlike, The Verge reports. Google Duplex will enter testing sometime this summer, and it's exciting what it will be able to do!

"We will need to be considerate about how we've got this interaction while we are experimenting with it", Matias said.

Other areas where Google is using AI to improve its services include Google News.

The receiver was a non-native English speaker, and there were several misunderstandings that Google Duplex resolved smoothly.

Customers can now call businesses to inquire the information about the company which is not available on the internet. It speaks with the cadence of a natural human voice, pausing before responding and elongating certain words as though it's buying time to think. Remember that Jordan Peele/Barack Obama video from last month where Peele made the point that we can't possibly comprehend the ways technology can fabricate false realities?

Vanessa Coleman