GM says Venezuela has illegally seized its manufacturing plant

Sadly, CBS was the only network not to report the theft.

"GM released a statement that says, "[General Motors Venezuela's] plant was unexpectedly taken by the public authorities, preventing normal operations.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has accused a foreign-owned telecommunications firm of helping to orchestrate mass protests against his government. According to Rascon, "More than 400 arrested, at least seven people killed". "We continue to work with the Venezuelan government to seek solutions to convert currency".

Inaugural committee records filed with the Federal Election Commission show Citgo Petroleum, a US affiliate of Venezuela's state oil company PDVSA, was one of the biggest corporate donors to events surrounding the swearing-in ceremony. A symbolic image reminiscent of the Tiananmen Square protest in China decades ago. He said the takeover was led by the president of a national dealership, describing this individual as "a representative of the dealerships all over the country of Venezuela".

Demonstrators run away from tear gas during clashes with police while rallying against Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas, Venezuela, April 20, 2017. He then noted the seizer of the GM factory. Tens of thousands of protesters asking for the resignation of Pre.

The seizer of private property belonging to a US based business by a foreign and hostile government, for the benefit of said government needed to be reported. It's extremely embarrassing that CBS couldn't find time for even a simple news brief during CBS Evening News.

GM's Venezuelan operations have been a drag on earnings for several years.

However, he said, GM workers have been assured company debts will be paid, and told that the new operators want staff to have good pay and benefits.

The bloc urged Venezuelans "to come together to de-escalate the situation and find democratic solutions". Three people killed in just the last 24 hours alone.

Venezuelan Interior Minister Nestor Reverol is blaming an opposition party for the killing of a 23-year-old woman amid ongoing protests in the South American country.

Those struggles have been exacerbated by the country's repeated confiscation of foreign assets, with roughly 25 corporations now fighting Venezuela's government before a World Bank panel over such seizures.

JACOB RASCON: Venezuela is at a breaking point.

The sergeant was the third person reported killed in the protests over the past day and the eighth person to die in demonstrations over the past several weeks.

JORGE OLIVERO: People are hungry but for democracy, for liberties, for rights. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson voicing concern late yesterday.

Venezuela's opposition renewed nationwide protests on Thursday to pressure President Nicolas Maduro to hold elections and improve a collapsing economy, and vowed to keep up pressure by staging three more protests in the next four days. Severe shortages of staple food and medicines have only intensified the problems.

"I denounce before the global community that armed gangs hired by the opposition attacked a maternity hospital with 54 children", Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez tweeted, noting that President Nicolas Maduro had ordered the hospital's evacuation.

"On this 207th anniversary of the cry of independence in Heroic Venezuela, spiritual power of Our America, we embrace you with affection, solidarity, and great faith in the victories to come", Ortega said in a statement. Thousands from Miami to Houston marched in solidarity.

Vanessa Coleman