Glenn Beck files countersuit against Tomi Lahren

Beck shortly thereafter suspended production on her show on an indefinite basis, which would now appear to be permanent.

According to Beck's filing, the pro-choice views were not the main reason Lahren got benched but "d$3 uring her appearance, she made a statement that not only diverged dramatically from her previous public positions but also effectively called numerous Blaze's employees, viewers, and readers hypocrites". They also deny that they have access to her social media accounts, alluding to her "continuous Twitter stream" and posts on Instagram.

'Stay out of my guns and you can stay out of my body, as well, ' she said.

Hopefully this works out in a way that's beneficial for all involved, which is to say that it'd be nice if we didn't have to hear about either Lahren or Glenn Beck ever again. He said the company owned the page, which it created for Lahren, and all the content on it, and would not agree to be removed from its administration.

The suit also accused Lahren of potty-mouthed behavior, saying her word choices on air were "bordering on the profane".

The decision had nothing to do with her March appearance on "The View", in which she outed herself as pro-choice, according to the network.

The suit also says that a producer from The Blaze accompanied her to "The View" and applauded her comments.

But they outlined a series of reasons for deciding to suspend Lahren's show for one week, and for their intention not to renew her contract beyond September.

In the initial response to Lahren's suit, Beck's company said Lahren wasn't fired as she suggested, but is still an employee drawing benefits and compensation.

Lahren says she was told she would continue to be paid, and that she must "go dark" on social media. Previously, she deemed pro-choicers as "straight-up baby killers".

That was offensive, and hurt TheBlaze's "reputation and goodwill" with its viewers, the company's filing says.

Lahren, who joined the Blaze in 2015, became a viral sensation for her incendiary rants. TheBlaze also wants the judge to prohibit Lahren from making any public appearances or statements without prior Blaze approval.

As for the appearance on The View, company officials claim they weren't offended by them so much as having called people hypocrites for embracing a pro-choice stance-people that includes many employees and viewers of The Blaze, according to the Law Newz report. In effect, this prevents Lahren from jumping to another media platform to continue her high-profile political commentary in the near term.

Except she hasn't been fired.

Watch video of Tomi Lahren on The View. Despite being off the air and getting locked out of her Facebook page featuring 4.2 million followers, Lahren is still being paid by the network. A hearing with witnesses has been set for two weeks from now.

Vanessa Coleman