Giants players are embarrassed, but Ben McAdoo not so much

"When you've got a deep threat like Marquise, you've got to find a way to use him", safety Eric Reid said. Then Garoppolo didn't play against the 49ers, which was odd but still understandable after just a week and a half. Beathard led the 49ers to their first victory of the season on Sunday but most have expected the reins to be handed over to Garoppolo after the bye. "I don't have a plan yet".

Maybe this is a way for Shanahan to not reveal everything to the public but if that's the case, we'll find out when the team practices and we find out who is taking the first team snaps. "We're going to go in with what we've got and see what happens". "It was tough work for us to get our first win and we got it", Shanahan said afterwards. That kind of logic is beyond laughable and if that's the mindset of Kyle Shanahan, I'd have to seriously question his sanity. Beathard will start again Sunday.

While sacks aren't the only indication of a unit's ability to generate pressure, NY only has 13, tied for worst in the league; they've allowed 35 plays of 20 or more yards and nine plays of 40 or more yards, again in the bottom quarter of all teams.

Losing to the winless 49ers was bad enough, but allowing them to score 31 points after amassing a total of 30 in their previous three games was downright unacceptable.

It looks like the Giants could just be mailing it in this season and will blow things up come 2018. I'm 26, and apart from two starts, I haven't had a chance to test myself as a starting quarterback. He signed a two-year contract in March with the 49ers. "I think the guys knew how much it meant to me and I knew how much it meant to them".

Vanessa Coleman