Germany May Lose Access to U.S. Intelligence for Buying Huawei Equipment

That was the message delivered by Washington's ambassador to Berlin, Richard Grenell, in a letter to German economics minister Peter Altmaier, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

An official from the German Economic Ministry dismissed the letter from Grenell, saying that it included no new information and reiterating that there was no evidence to support U.S. claims that Huawei posed a risk. "Further, the spokesman said that if such weaknesses exist, it could endanger the close cooperation and joint action of the security services".

The same official also raised the issue of a recent lawsuit filed by Huawei against the United States government, alleging that a ban was unconstitutional for targeting the firm without evidence. Nonetheless, the company can still be compelled to do the bidding of Communist China's state officials, a legal position largely reflected in most Western countries.

Germany reportedly relies on U.S. intelligence to combat terrorism, so the threat of decreased collaboration in this area carries significant weight. Huawei and other Chinese companies have been under fire from the Trump administration following several accusations including allegations of been used by the Chinese government for espionage.

Former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder expressed outrage at the USA threat to cut intelligence sharing with Berlin in case Chinese companies participate in implementation of the next generation 5G network. Here, a billboard for the Chinese telecom giant is seen in the Berlin Hauptbahnhof railway station. "There will be a quick reply".

The US is trying to recruit Germany in its campaign against Huawei.

The on-going privacy saga continues to escalate, with the Chinese telco giant suing the U.S. government for its 5G ban.

Essentially, the lawsuit is daring USA intelligence services to put up or shut up.

Vanessa Coleman