GE Lighting announces intent to close Mattoon lamp plant

Mattoon- Residents in Mattoon are shocked to hear of General Electric's intent to close the Mattoon Lamp Plant. No word when the plant will close or how many people now work there.

The company says that Circleville employees will be invited to participate in an "idea generation period", where they can offer alternatives to the proposed closure.

GE said if plans to close the plant proceed, operations will be phased out by August 2017. The company is closing its plant.

The Lexington plant, located at 1801 Edison Drive, in the Picadome neighborhood, makes traditional, non-LED lighting products. "There is so many people in this area who is employed by GE and I hate to see it be closed down" said Mickey, a resident of Mattoon. GE says consumer demand for traditional lighting is at an all-time low and that shift has been supported by the United States government phasing out incandescent bulbs.

A state spokesperson said the Somerset plant was also operating at more that 80% below capacity due to the market shifting to LED lighting.

G.E. says its lighting division will focus "entirely on driving innovation and growth in LED technology".

Vanessa Coleman