Gas prices falling as hurricane punch fades

Gasoline prices are falling quickly now that the Texas Gulf Coast's refining complex almost is back to normal after Hurricane Harvey struck in late August.

According to AAA, on average, the most expensive gas in the state is in Athens, where gas cost $2.56 per gallon.

Gas customers could find much lower prices around Omaha: $2.20, $2.17 or even $2.09 a gallon, said. Price declines should continue in most of the country, DeHaan said.

But Hurricane Harvey temporarily shut down some Gulf Coast refineries in late August and Hurricane Irma caused gas station supply issues in mid-September. This is the fifth consecutive Monday with a lower average gas price in the Sunflower State. "Gas prices remain inflated by about 20 to 30 cents [from last year] and should decline another 5 to 10 cents this week".

It will take a few days to see exactly how Nate affects prices. Hurricane Nate, a fast moving storm, did little to disrupt the flow of fuel to market while having a larger impact on oil rigs. But at some membership clubs, posted prices were down below $2.40 per gallon in areas, according to GasBuddy.

Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for GasBuddy, says nationally, prices still stand about 15 cents per gallon higher than pre-Hurricane Harvey, but they're likely to continue on a downward trajectory.

Multiple factors, including the change from summer to winter fuel blends have contributed to lower gas prices in Kansas and an expert believes they haven't hit bottom yet.

Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for GasBuddy, said Nate had no effect on prices as the US continues to be "awash" in crude oil. "Everyone in the market may just be interested in keeping the price steady for now".

Vanessa Coleman