'Game of Thrones:' Things you missed in 'Dragonstone'

Where in the world is Jorah?

The official Game of Thrones twitter handle didn't exactly make any apologies for the server crashing to the fans, however, it did a great marketing on keeping the crowd alive and enthusiastic about the premiere show. However, it seems that Jorah's story will likely be told this season whether he lives or dies.

Anyhow, have you seen the premiere of Game of Thrones: Season 7? Season 7 can still come with lots of shock and surprises. He killed his own brother and turned on his niece and nephew, Yara and Theon, shortly after. The Stark girl wants revenge for the Red Wedding, so she invites the Freys to a feast after assuming the identity of the Lord of the Twin Towers. However, something tells us that is plans are not going to work out that way.

Game of Thrones is finally back.

Where the hell is Gendry? Ed Sheeran: It's new. Or maybe she'll just spare him because he can carry a tune.

If the question for Sansa is whether the older Stark woman can be wiser than the woman who molded her, for Arya it's whether she can learn to see something other than vengeance. He is also shameless in confessing that they are the weaker side. Arya takes her revenge and gives us some badass lines as well.

But what we all has really been waiting for was the return of Daenerys Targaryen. This reveal should be more than interesting, and put an even bigger bounty on Jon's head. She walks up the steps of the castle - TWO AT A TIME, mind you, and if that's not a power move, we're not sure what is - and immediately starts redecorating. Game of Thrones fans hate it when someone spoils a new episode for them but with the season 7 premiere, Sheeran was all like- IDGAF. Arya and Jon Snow both pick up in scenes that could very well have been in season 6, with Arya finishing off the Freys and Jon preparing for the White Walkers respectively.

Jon, Cersei, Arya, Tyrion and Dany get the most screen time, and given the five minute length, many characters are barely there at all like Littlefinger or Sam or Brienne. If you have access to the HBO GO streaming service through a login from a TV provider, you can watch online or on devices like phones, tablets, and smart TVs.

It appears more chess pieces will be moving across the board in the second episode titled "Stormborn" that will debut next Sunday night on HBO.

Vanessa Coleman