Future of Welsh steel industry at risk from USA tariffs

Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Council, suggested new regulations to make it more hard for young people to access some video games with violent content.

During the meeting, President Trump has acknowledged studies that have indicated that there is a correlation between virtual and real violence.

CNN reported last month that a study by a Michigan State University professor, using survey data from more than 6,000 middle school students, found no correlation between video games and violent behavior.

We haven't heard back yet from the game makers that attended the meeting, but here's hoping they have a better chance to have their side heard, instead of simply being dismissed because of opposite views. The decision claimed that video games, like other media, are protected by the First Amendment. Trump asked those in attendance, including The ESA's Michael Gallagher, Take-Two chief Strauss Zelnick and Robert Altman from ZeniMax Media.

Horton wants the video game industry to offer more tools for parents to understand the contents of the games. Judging from those titles alone, they perhaps have the most to lose should regulation against violent video games become reality. While there is a documented link between violent video games and the level of aggression in players, those players may already be predisposed to aggression from other factors in their lives, and feeling aggressive does not necessarily result in acting violently.

In 2013, after the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, Vice President Joe Biden held three days of wide-ranging talks on gun violence prevention, including a meeting with video game industry executives.

Attendees at the meeting told The Washington Post that Trump said "we have to do something about maybe what they're seeing and how they're seeing it".

Violent Video Games and Donald Trump

Donald Trump tweeted that "Video game violence & glorification must be stopped-it is creating monsters!"

Which, again, is zero: Only one-eighth of the 41 school shooters surveyed by the US Secret Service in a 2004 review were interested in violent video games (twice as many liked violent movies or books, which was still only a quarter of that sample).

One solution could be stronger warning labels about the graphic violence in video games, Bozell said, comparing the product to restrictions on liquor, tobacco, and pornography.

US PRESIDENT Donald Trump has confirmed he and Malcolm Turnbull are working on an agreement to provide Australia an exemption from steel or aluminium tariffs. Melissa Henson, a spokesperson for the Parents Television Council, said that the video, punctuated by comments from Trump pointing out how violent the scenes were, shocked the group to silence.

The White House moved the video to "unlisted" status (meaning it does not appear on the channel) shortly after uploading it.

Despite decades of research to the contrary, President Trump again drew a link between violence and video games.

Vanessa Coleman