Four Killed in Detroit Crash, Toddler Survives With Minor Injuries

The sole survivor of the crash was the toddler.

A 2-year-old boy was seen walking away from the wreck with firefighters, Local 4 Detroit reported.

State police say the game utility vehicle was passing different vehicles at a rapid in the left path of eastward Interstate 94 in Harper Woods around 1 a.m. Monday when the driver lost control, crossed three paths and hit an extension.

The four victims were identified as Doreal Rogers, 20, Alesia Maddox, 20, Armonie Maddox, 18 and Ervin Johnson 18.

None of the four adults were wearing seat belts, police said. They were all Detroit residents.

The incident remains under investigation.

He says the SUV swerved across three lanes then hit the 8 Mile overpass bridge.

"It wasn't the right age, it wasn't the right fit, it wasn't the right anything and still saved this kid's life", Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw said of the auto seat that was holding a 1-year-old.

Alesia's son, who just turned one-year-old on Saturday, is the only survivor and was the only person with a seat belt on, although Lt. Shaw says he was improperly buckled into a auto seat.

The eastbound stretch of I-94 was closed for six hours as police investigated the crash.

"Every couple weeks there are sirens going down there". They reportedly were ejected from the SUV. "It always seems it's either right before the bridge over here, or right here", Shannon Thurman said.

"Out of nowhere the auto came flying down the side of us, doing about 80". "It happens all the time".

Vanessa Coleman