Former student wounded, arrested after gunfire exchange with school officer in IL

A 19-year-old former student was shot by a police officer after arriving at Dixon High School with a weapon this morning. WRAL reported that the alleged gunman was confronted by an armed resource officer, and Dixon city manager Danny Langloss said the alleged gunman fired at the officer. The school resource officer who stopped the gun, Mark Dallas, was not injured during the altercation and none of the students were shot.

Dixon High School and all Dixon public schools were placed on lockdown following the shooting.

The suspect, who is a former Dixon High School student has been taken to police custody with non-life threatening injuries and is receiving medical treatment. The officer returned fire, striking the suspect. The Chicago Tribune identified the officer who engaged with the gunman as school resource officer Mark Dallas.

Dixon Mayor Liandro Arellanno Jr. told reporters at the Chicago Tribune, "From the angle I'm looking at right now, at lot of things went right today when a great many of them could have (gone) wrong". A press release from police says Milby then ran from the school and shot at an officer during a foot chase.

Dallas, whose son, Joshua, is one of the graduates, was on duty at the time and is on paid administrative leave, as is protocol in an officer-involved shooting.

Authorities say the quick-action of a "heroic" school resource officer Wednesday thwarted a school shooting suspect in northern IL. Dallas most likely prevented a mass school shooting.

The teenager was taken into custody near the school and is now under medical supervision. "Because of his heroic actions countless lives were saved".

Police believe he acted alone, but provided no possible motive.

At a news conference a few hours later, officials said they were pleased to discover that students had barricaded themselves into classrooms by blocking doorways with chairs, desks and other furniture.

Authorities first got reports of an armed man on campus just after 8 a.m., police Chief Steve Howell said. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School did have a school resource officer, but instead of engaging the gunman Sheriff Deputy Scot Peterson hid, and 17 people died.

Vanessa Coleman