Former FBI Director James Comey Will Testify Privately

Comey wrote Sunday on Twitter that he was "grateful for a fair hearing from judge". "Hard to protect my rights without being in contempt, which I don't believe in", the former FBI Director tweeted.

He later withdrew his petition on Sunday, agreeing to sit down for the deposition with the ability to release a transcript to the public within 24 hours.

McFadden asked whether Comey could release a transcript of his testimony to get the full picture before the public.

He has asked the judge to issue an emergency order to pause the congressional proceedings and to quash the subpoena.

Comey will appear before several House panels on Monday with Republican's agreeing he will be able to openly talk about the discussions following the completion of his testimony.

Republicans have accused the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department of going easy on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and of abusing the surveillance court process to obtain spy warrants against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

Comey has said he would like to testify publicly about the separate investigations into Hillary Clinton's email practices and Russian interference in the 2016 election - in front of live TV cameras as he has done before. "Mr. Comey should agree to these terms and see that we have the same objective, which is to find the truth and seek transparency".

On Sunday, Goodlatte issued a statement saying the transcript of Comey's testimony would be released to the public "as soon as possible" after the interview "in the name of our combined desire for transparency". Comey's request that the closed-door deposition be put on hold infuriated Goodlatte, who accused the former director of seeking "special treatment", CNBC reported.

Comey said Republicans will allow him to speak freely to the public and transcripts will be made available 24 hours after the hearing.

The agreement was reached a day before lawyers were to appear again in court.

The December 3 hearing has been largely viewed as an attempt by Republicans to sneak in one more Comey hearing before Democrats take control in one month's time.

Comey had sued to block the summons last week, contending that the sealed testimony would be leaked and distorted by Republicans for political purposes. The committees also want to hear from former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Vanessa Coleman