Ford Expands Police Interceptor Utility Investigation After Crash In Massachusetts

Ford Explorer models from 2011 to 2017 have been the subject of many of those reports. "It sneaks up on you", he said.

Officials said 13 vehicles have been pulled off the road and six officers have shown elevated levels of CO while on duty.

Among the complaints were three crashes and 41 injuries, mostly loss of consciousness, nausea and headaches.

DeStoto Police Sergeant Nick Bristow want's to make sure that doesn't happen here in North Texas.

The worrying incident in Auburn, Massachusetts, involved a Ford Explorer SUV, which tested positive for the potentially lethal gas after it was checked over by detectives.

A total of 791 people have complained to the government about the fumes, while Ford has received more than 2,000 complaints and warranty claims.

The Humphreys County Sheriff's Office said it has two SUVs and they are in use.

Coxwell said their other vehicles don't need up-fitting, so they don't pose a threat to the department.

According to Sgt. Hardy, the department is having to come up with alternative solutions, including going to a home improvement store to buy a carbon monoxide detector like the ones commonly used in homes.

"We do have a carbon monoxide detector that we just installed in the cars".

Galveston Police Captain Joshua Schirard said Ford was flying two technicians to the area to help a Ford dealer inspect the vehicles.

"It's definitely concerning to us", Paulus said. "So far, we're not getting any reports of any carbon monoxide in the cabin".

A news release from Ford last week suggested the issues might be related to equipment added to the vehicles.

The department also posted photos to Facebook of the first officer's damaged cruiser and the damage a civilian's Ford Fusion sustained after being struck by the police vehicle. He estimated that the department has 15 or 16 Ford Explorers in its patrol fleet. In an already unsafe business, departments want to mitigate the threat from inside the auto.

Of a fleet of 28 vehicles, 12 were removed, he said.

Vice President of Ford Hau Thai-Tang responded saying, "There's nothing we take more seriously than providing you with the safest, most reliable vehicles to support your life-saving work". "To address these concerns, Ford is announcing ... it will cover the cost of specific repairs in every police interceptor utility that may have this concern".

Vanessa Coleman