Flawless 300 Bowled by Red Sox Right Fielder Mookie Betts

For Red Sox right fielder Mookie Betts, he not only is at the top of his game on the baseball field but on the lanes as well. Betts bowled a flawless 300 game at the World Series of Bowling in Reno, Nev. on Sunday night.

When he is on the field for the Boston Red Sox, he can swing the bat with the best of them, he can cover massive amounts of ground in the outfield, and he is an integral part of the lineup. And for one game, he wasn't just good. In bowling, a ideal game is a 300 score, which means you get a strike (and knock down all the pins) in every single frame you bowl. At least we all know what Betts will be doing when he retires from running around the baseball diamond.

Betts didn't make the cut for the PBA World Championships, but according to a PBA spokesperson, the major-leaguer will get back on the tour in February for the annual Chris Paul Celebrity Invitational in Houston.

"This is definitely the most important one", Betts told the PBA. As he mentioned in his postgame interview (on the YouTube video above), his scores during the weekend hadn't been near that ideal game level, and he finished 158th out of 188 bowlers - just outside of his goal.

Betts finished 144th in the tournament.

Vanessa Coleman