First Look At David Harbour As Hellboy; Reboot Release Date Revealed

Riding the brimstone wake of yesterday's intimidating images of David Harbour as Hellboy for the new feature film reboot landing January 11, 2019, Oregon-based Dark Horse Comics is prepping some fresh omnibus collections of Mike Mignola's original Hellboy comics. Del Toro and Perlman, despite producing two moderately successful "Hellboy" films, were perhaps limited in how much they could take from Hellboy's dark comic books.

Del Toro's Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army are be hard to beat quality-wise, but we're going to give Marshall and Harbour a chance at least.

Here, chums, is what the new Hellboy looks like... The reboot will star #David Harbour as the title character. His turn in Stranger Things was both gruff and humorous, while displaying a talent for underlying emotion. An R-rated approach also promises to give fans something they haven't seen before with the character, eliminating the feeling of a money-grabbing, just-because PG-13 reboot.

Earlier this month, there was a huge controversy surrounding the new "Hellboy" film. It seems Harbour got ripped to play the beloved comic character.

Since then the character has been recast. As of now, there are no other movies set for that date, but M. Night Shyamalan's Split and Unbreakable sequel Glass opens the following week. Aside from Harbour, we have Milla Jovovich playing the Blood Queen, Ian McShane playing HB's adoptive father Professor Broom, and potentially Daniel Dae Kim as Ben Daimio. I'm excited to confirm that I've officially joined the cast of Hellboy.

Vanessa Coleman