FIFA's new tournament plans spark backlash

According to a report in The Times, FIFA are planning the creation of a 24-team club World Cup.

Since the FIFA World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, even though it only comes around once every four years, it only makes sense that EA Sports would program a World Cup game mode into their premiere soccer game.

China is understood to have already expressed an interest in being the first host nation.

Madrid is part of the European Club Association, which has voiced concerns about FIFA President Gianni Infantino's proposals for a quadrennial Club World Cup to replace the annual tournament and pushed for players to get more mandatory rest periods. Three other slots are expected to be available for European clubs, potentially opening the door to the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain.

Clubs could earn up to £100 million from participating in the tournament which is backed by a consortium led by Japanese company SoftBank.

Barcelona says FIFA's plans would also "create a global platform for clubs to contribute to the growth of their brands".

The Professional Football Strategy Council (PFSC) met today in Lyon and discussed a variety of matters such as the new UEFA club licensing and financial fair play regulations, competitive balance, social dialogue and received an update on the ongoing work of the FIFA transfer system task force.

The Times reporter Martyn Ziegler claims that UEFA are furious at the proposal as they fear the new tournament could take some of the shine away from the Champions League, the company's main money supplier. Figo is also is the four-time champion of the Spanish football championship, six-time champion of the Portuguese championship and four-time victor of the Italian tournament, when he played for different European clubs. So if run correctly, then I think Liverpool should consider the offer.

Vanessa Coleman