Farah questions aren't a media witch-hunt

"History doesn't lie", the Briton was quoted as saying by the Guardian. You can write what you like.

This past week the Athletics World Championship has reminded us that not everyone wins and yet, there is a sense that all who put in the hard work of training and participating are winners. "Putting my balls on the line, year after year and delivering for my country".

On the track, Farah's aura of invincibility after six years of unrelenting success was finally cracked in his very last major track race on Saturday as he lost his world 5,000 metres title to Ethiopia's Muktar Edris.

" It's like a broken record, repeating myself".

But he suggested that the media might be trying to "destroy" his legacy as one of Britain's best ever long distance runners. "I don't think there was any more I could have done". He hasn't been to any. I was capable of doing the job.

"Edinburgh gave me a wake-up call over 'Do I want to be an athlete and carry on?', because I wasn't ready for that race". They [the Ethiopians] run as a team.

" There's nothing else to be said".

The 34-year-old further said that sometimes, he finds it freaky how certain people in the media write certain things to sell their stories.

"You can write what you like".

Beating his chest, he added: "The reality is, no matter what you do, I'm going to still keep fighting, keep working, making my country proud. You're trying to destroy it". I know that. But say it how it is. But be honest with them.

Mo Farah and Usain Bolt have concluded their careers in being great sportsmen, running every race with determination and commitment.

" It has definitely hit me".

However on Saturday night, Farah had to be content with the second place after finishing with a time of 13:33.22. All good things in life must come to an end at some point.

The Observer remarked that those who had come in their thousands with their faces painted with "Go Mo!" and banners with "Run Farah Run" were to be left disappointed. Fair credit to the other guys to be able to go.

"You can write what you like".

Vanessa Coleman