Families of Ethiopian Airlines Victims Protest in Ethiopia

He said he was taken to the airport police department to verify his identity and was questioned for being the lone passenger who did not board the doomed flight.

The news came as Ethiopian Airlines chief executive Tewolde Gebremariam said the pilots had informed air traffic control they were having problems before the crash.

A spokesman for Ethiopian Airlines had said earlier that the black boxes recovered from the crashed plane would be sent to Germany for analysis.

They said they wanted more "transparency" from the airline and more details of Sunday's accident.

Southwest Airlines, the largest US domestic carrier, exclusively flies Boeing 737 aircraft and has 34 of the Max 8s in its fleet. The biggest impact could be on future deliveries given Boeing has almost 5,000 more 737 MAXs on order.

According to the Indian Embassy in Ethiopia, four Indian nationals were killed and they have been identified as Pannagesh Vaidya, Hansini Vaidya, Nukavarapu Manisha, a doctor based in the U.S., and Shikha Garg, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) consultant attached with the Environment Ministry. The cause of that crash hasn't been determined but it shares similarities with the crash in Ethiopia.

The drop has lopped $26.65 billion off Boeing's market value.

Possibly presaging a raft of claims, Norwegian Air said it would seek recompense for lost revenue and extra costs after grounding its 737 MAX aircraft. The pilots said that soon after engaging the autopilot on Boeing 737 Max 8 planes, the nose tilted down sharply.

Debris at the scene of the plane crash in Ethiopia
Debris at the scene of the plane crash in Ethiopia

It said the grounding would affect less than 5 percent of its daily flights. The staff members were flanked by bouquets of white roses and white candles.

Only charred fragments of victims remain, meaning it will take weeks to identify all of them using dental or DNA testing.

Angela Rehhorn, of Orillia, ON, was one of the passengers on their way to participate in the United Nations' Environmental Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya.

Transport Minister Blade Nzimande says his department will work with its Ethiopian counterpart to investigate this weekend's fatal Ethiopian Airlines crash.

But in a statement since the March 10 crash, the US Federal Aviation Administration has declared the MAX 8 airworthy.

The new variant of the 737, the world's most-sold modern passenger aircraft, was viewed as the likely workhorse for global airlines for decades and 4,661 more are on order.

A labor union that represents almost 50,000 flight attendants is sounding the alarm about the Boeing 737 Max 8, the plane model that has now been involved in two deadly crashes in five months.

Vanessa Coleman