Falcons Owner Arthur Blank Says Compensation Committee Is Finalizing Roger Goodell's Extension

An attorney representing Jones said last week that the Cowboys owner had sent a letter to league counsel that was shared with the other NFL owners that said they were being misled during the negotiations.

According to Bleacher Report, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is asking for a $49.5 million annual salary on top of a private jet for life in his contract negotiations with league owners.

Some NFL owners have been discussing the possibility of taking Jones out, and it comes from Article VIII of the NFL's Constitution & Bylaws, Florio reported, citing his source.

The fight between Jones and the committee has raised the tension in other ways.

The NFL's compensation committee, headed by the Atlanta Falcons' Arthur Blank, is considering Goodell's extension in an atmosphere of acrimony, turmoil and borderline owner revolt.

Blank is the head of the NFL's Compensation Committee, and is one of the key players in Goodell's negotiations.

Jones has retained legal counsel and Wednesday threatened to sue the league in an effort to block Goodell's extension.

Perhaps Goodell believes he can wait out the controversies; fewer players are protesting at each game, for instance, and nobody's talking seriously about deflate-gate anymore. "Regardless of what may have been reported, the Committee is working within the financial parameters outlined to the ownership at the May meeting". But he's obviously, in his mind, what we think as an organization, we just think it's not in the best interest of the National Football League right now to move forward.

"I think just since the period of time that we first addressed extending Roger, I think we've had several material adverse conditions happen", Jones said. The NFL said there were three incidents over five days.

"I've been dealing with this commissioner for nearly 28 years, as an employee of the NFL", Jones said. "The policy that we have that has impacted Zeke is more of my issue with the commissioner, more so than Zeke's particular circumstance".

"It's not that we're against Roger, I think Jerry has been vocal about it, that's certainly not easy to do when you have certain momentums that are going one way and you take a contrarian stance".

Vanessa Coleman