Facebook Silently Plants a Photo Sharing App in China

In May this year, "Colorful Balloons" was launched in China under the approval of Facebook according to a source by the NY Times. The release of the app could give Facebook a better understanding of the social media habits of China's 700 million internet users. A person who knows about the plans of Facebook, Inc. said on the condition of anonymity, the tech giant released Colorful Balloons, a photo sharing application in China through a local tech company, Youge Internet Technology.

"It shows the desperation and frustration of global technology companies in their attempts to penetrate the world's largest online market". They were now concentrated on assisting the businesses and developers of China to grow their markets outside China through their ad platform.

Facebook is interested in learning how apps become popular in China, without having a prominent company name associated with it.

Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has already visited China a few times and spoken to important political leaders to try and undo the ban.

The features of Colourful Balloons are just like those of Facebook's Moments app. More than 700 million internet users in the country are now being served by local tech companies, without the likes of Google, YouTube, and Twitter. The most recent attack came when its messaging service WhatsApp was also partially blocked in the country.

Facebook's intent to return and relaunch in the Chinese region is not a secret especially to the government of China.

The app was released by a local company and doesn't carry any of Facebook's branding.

Google, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are among Silicon Valley stars not allowed to operate on China's tightly controlled internet.

Vanessa Coleman