Facebook and Oculus diving into the VR social networking game

Facebook, the world's largest social media website, is pushing hard to make virtual reality a revolution in today's technology. The CEO pointed to Toybox, the collaborative sandbox Oculus first showed off a year ago to highlight the usefulness of its Touch controllers for the Rift headset, as an example of what Facebook VR might be like.

We'll see where these social experiments end up, but they seem extremely promising. He looked across and saw his older son carrying a baby and capturing a smile.

Now we just have to settle on exactly what we're going to call a selfie used inside virtual reality.

The two demos are still in the experimental phase, but it shows that Facebook is tinkering with new ways for us to interact with one another in manners that are appear, to me, more meaningful than writing on someone else's wall.

To encourage interest in virtual reality, Mr. Zuckerberg said every conference attendee would receive as a gift a Gear VR, a system that uses a Samsung phone as a screen.

Chief product officer Chris Cox said the camera won't be sold to consumers, but will share its designs to encourage other firms to find new uses for 360-degree video. One usually wears a VR headset for the objective of blocking out the real world so as to be able to enter a virtual one.

"People love to interact with businesses and services inside of Messenger", David Marcus, who leads messaging at Facebook, said at the conference.

In addition to their appearance, the two also doodled their own costumes - simple neck ties to add personality to their mannequin heads. A virtual Schroepfer and his colleague Michael Booth explored a virtual London while both were in different areas of California.

The two chose their next destination from a collection of magic-looking orbs arrayed on the virtual table and traveled to a variety of 360-degree simulated environments before settling on London.

Then, they take a couple of pictures. 2016 however, has brought us the virtual reality selfie stick. Facebook's ambition is to use virtual reality as a "teleporter" and this was an important demonstration of that potential.

Posting that image up to Facebook's timeline is a breeze and is physically intuitive too. Augmented reality allows images and data to be overlaid on our view of the real world, and will mean that a lot of physical objects could potentially be replaced by an augmented reality app, he said.

Vanessa Coleman