Ex-officer indicted on murder charge

"Then, he corrected the information and said the vehicle was driving away at the time Oliver fired". Hopefully, it is a message we're sending to bad police officers.

Oliver was also charged with four counts of aggravated assault, for the four other teenagers in the auto with Edwards when Oliver shot a rifle into the vehicle as it drove away from a party on April 29.

Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson announced Monday that a grand jury indicted former Balch Springs police officer Roy Oliver in the death of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards.

Oliver, 31, and several other officers were called to the scene in late April after neighbors called police about a loud house party in the neighborhood, stating that they were anxious about underage drinking because of the teens they could see coming in and out of the residence. Police arrived at the scene in Balch Springs, a suburb about 15 miles east of downtown Dallas, to investigate an underage drinking complaint when they heard unrelated gunshots and spotted the vehicle leaving.

Mr. Oliver was charged with murder on May 5 and turned himself in that night after the Dallas County Sheriff's Department issued a warrant for his arrest.

Mr. Oliver's lawyer did not return a call seeking comment.

Edwards' father, Odell Edwards, said after the indictment announcement that he was cautiously optimistic.

"One step on the road to justice", he said describing Monday's outcome.

"We're looking forward to a conviction and proper sentencing", Merritt said, adding he would consider anything that doesn't involve serious jail time as less than adequate.

The arrest warrant for Oliver said he and another officer tried to stop a auto at an intersection near the party.

Johnson said her office will prosecute this case vigorously.

"It is important to let our community know that justice is proceeding effectively and thoroughly at the Dallas County DA's office", Johnson said.

In an unrelated incident that occurred two weeks before he shot Edwards, Oliver was accused of brandishing his gun when a auto rear-ended his vehicle while he was off-duty. Oliver was off duty in Dallas, when he was rear-ended by another vehicle, and according to a police report, he pulled his service weapon and kept it pointed at the ground. Prosecutors eventually filed charges against Oliver and said the event "showed a pattern of behavior".

Vanessa Coleman