Eminem slams Trump in lyrical tirade

The a capella track immediately won praise from the hip-hop community.

T-Pain appeared to voice concern that Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, had made himself a target by voicing his anger.

The latest freestyle, which Eminem revealed on Twitter is called "The Storm", comes as anticipation for Eminem's eighth studio release builds.

As the title itself suggests, Eminem's video turned out to be a caustic take on Donald Trump, accusing him of racism and hypocrisy, while alluding to a lot of his recent controversies.

This refers to the tensions between the US and North Korea after the nations' leaders exchanged insults.

This section appears to criticise the Republican Party's failure to denounce Donald Trump, especially after his controversial argument that "both sides" were at fault for white supremacist violence in Charlottesville this August.

At one point he called President Trump, who's 71, a "racist 94-year-old grandpa" and compared the president's appearance to the Marvel Comics character "The Thing". "You know Eminem could be the "Colin Kaepernick" of the rap world if he just keeps it up". Do you support him or do you support this show, that constantly mocks and denigrates everything about him? "That's not disrespecting the military".

The song ends with an ultimatum.

"The big story out of BET last night was Eminem launching a five-minute freestyle attack on Donald Trump", Kimmel said as he took the stage.

"Do you support him?"

Here, the rapper slams the President for spending days attacking National Football League players who take a knee and escalating the feud as a hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico and a massacre occurred in Nevada. He slammed Trump for messing up talks with North Korea, for threatening and waging war against their nation instead of urging the country to halt all nuclear tests.

So far, the president has not responded to the rapper's takedown.

He also slams the politician's lavish lifestyle, saying; "He says he wants to lower our taxes but who's going to pay for his extravagant trips back and forth to his golf resorts and his mansions?"

Vanessa Coleman