Effingham Health Department offers flu vaccine

The number of affected individuals in San Diego tripled compared to past year, county officials said. It was the first flu report issued this season, and health officials said it reflects data that they usually see at the beginning of flu season. The only exclusions are for people who have documented severe reactions to prior vaccinations.

Everyone older than six months old should get the vaccine, including pregnant women.

There have been 221 reported cases in San Diego so far.

23, the regional health authorities will begin hosting public health clinics, the Department of Health and Community Services said in a news release.

Five flu-related hospitalizations have already occurred in Dane County since mid-August. It varies every year.

The NHS in West Sussex is offering the free flu jab to those most at risk of becoming very unwell if they contract the flu virus.

As you age, your immune system may become less responsive, and studies suggest that both of these vaccines are better at preventing flu in this age group than standard flu shots. A preservative containing a form of mercury is used in a few formulations of the flu shot. Additional flu prevention measures include washing your hands frequently, covering your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing and staying home if you are sick.

Currently, the flu vaccine protects against pandemic H1N1, influenza A H3N2and influenza B strains.

Mr. Davies said: "I'm pleased to once again back the Beat Flu campaign which is working across Wales to deliver flu vaccines to individuals most at risk of serious complications from influenza".

The vaccine protects you from the threatening complications.

ยท October 27: Weaverville Drive-Thru Clinic, Trinity Alps Performing Arts Center, Arbuckle Court, 11 a.m.to 2 p.m. Stay in the comfort of your vehicle while receiving your flu vaccine.

"We have the strong likelihood of hospitals being inundated with people suffering flu".

"When we're young and invincible, getting the flu doesn't seem like it's such a bad thing, you know maybe a week off work or something like that".

Flu vaccination helps reduce hospitalizations among almost 80 percent of diabetes patients and 52 percent of those who suffer from chronic lung disease.

Dwyer recommends calling your doctor's office to find out if the flu shot is going to be available for all patients.

Dr. Tosh admitted that the psychological factor played a significant role in people's decisions because humans tend to make weird connections. "Getting vaccinated today will help protect you and your family now and for the rest of the influenza season".

Vanessa Coleman