Ecuador President: Assange Has Enough UK Guarantees To Leave Embassy

Assange had whined that Ecuador was seeking to end his asylum and hand him over to the U.S., where prosecutors were preparing t a criminal case against him.

"The way has been cleared for Mr Assange to take the decision to leave in near-liberty", President Lenin Moreno told reporters, explaining that he still had to answer in Britain for violating the terms of his bail.

WikiLeaks has released thousands of classified USA military documents, among other disclosures, including thousands of emails that were hacked from Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

Speaking during a radio interview on Thursday, Moreno said his administration has received written assurances that the United Kingdom will not extradite Assange to any nation where he will face the death penalty.

Moreno, however, said Britain had guaranteed that the 47-year-old Australian would not be extradited to any country where his life would be in danger.

Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange greets supporters from a balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno said in a radio interview Thursday Dec. 6 2018 Britain has provided suffic

That has always been a concern for Assange and those advocating for him, as he could potentially face the death penalty if extradited to the USA for his leak of a huge trove of diplomatic cables in 2010.

He did not say he would force Mr Assange out, but said Mr Assange's legal team is considering its next steps.

Sweden has since dropped that case, and Ecuador says there are no pending extradition requests against the WikiLeaks founder.

Assange, in turn, sued, saying his rights as an Ecuadorian - he was granted citizenship a year ago as part of an apparent attempt to name him a diplomat and ferry him to Russian Federation - were being violated.

"The suggestion that as long as the death penalty is off the table, Mr Assange need not fear persecution is obviously wrong", said Mr Pollack.

Vanessa Coleman